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You consent to the terms and conditions below by using this website. Please read the terms and condition before you use the website and any services this offers.

This website is called It is the trading name of Galaxy Support and Solution Ltd. Galaxy Support and Solution Ltd is registered in the companies’ House in England and Wales. Registered office address is 28 Vicarage Lane, London E15 4ES. Company number is 10920667.


We used the most popular and general words to explain our contents and services. Please contact us if you need further exploitation of the words used in the website.

General Disclaimer: is the owner of the contents and has full liberty to change any contents at any time without any notice. At the time of update reasonable care is taken to ensure that the contents are accurate and provides the true information. Please update yourself with the current contents/terms and condition/policies/services of the website at the time of use. It does not provide any warranty, representations, assurances, and undertakings of any previously published contents in the website or third party websites. We and any third party that makes contribution on the website does not gives any warranty, undertakings, and conditions as to the correctness, completeness, accuracy, suitability of the contents. This are for guide only. does not approve and accepts any liability for any third party website contents even if their services were advertise and offered in this website.

This web site is for information only. We do not take any responsibility of the content or services it offered in case the website is not in operation. It does not take any responsibility for use of the website, inability of the use of the website, as result of the use of the website, services and materials contained in the third party website. will not be responsible for using this website that may cause damage to your equipment, loss of data and any other technological damage. Same applies to the third party website and their contents.

Any unauthorised and unethical use of this website is fully prohibited.

Our terms of use does not exclude our liability or limits our liability for personal injury or death arising from fraud or negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation. Also any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited under the English law arisen out of the use or inability to use of the website save as to indirect loss or damage.

Independent advice:

You strongly advised to seek appropriate professional advice before taking any decision /action based on any information held on the Website.

No obligation or warranty:

The contents published in this website from or third parties are for information only. Nothing can be taken as conditions, binding terms (express or implied), warranty, representation of services as to the correctness, quality, suitability, fitness for your purpose.

No financial advice:

You are free to take your decision. Your will be responsible for your decision. Any decision in relation finance, mortgage or any other you are advised to great care and independent advice.

Permitted use of the website:
You agree to the terms and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any use of the contents of the website. You only allow to use the website that is permitted by law.

Use of the contents of the website and Intellectual Property

The contents and the copyright of the website belongs to Galaxy support and solution Ltd.

Use of the contents:

Reproduction of the web contents, permanent copy of the contents, use of the contents in a different website, commercial use of the contents are prohibited. Personal use of the contents may be permitted.

Same applies to all the third part websites and contents published in this website. Written permission must be obtained for any prohibited use.

Links of the website may be used for information only. We don’t have any control of the third party web contents. Galaxy support and Solution Ltd has no responsibility for the services they offer. Please contact with them for full details. Our associated services providers will make their position clear when provide services.

Governing Law:

English Law is the Governing law for any disputes arising out of use of the website, terms and services and the Court of England and wales has full and exclusive jurisdiction.

Member of the Property Ombudsman: trading name of Galaxy Support and Solution Ltd is a member of the Property Ombudsman Services.

Compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998:

The is responsible user of your personal data. We take security and privacy of our clients seriously. We do not compromise our client’s details at any means. We follow strict procedure to prevent our client’s details.

We will only use your personal data for the purpose that you have given to us.

We will share your details with third parties to provide you services. Your details may pass to third parties or between companies to get you the required services. This process may involve transferring you details, by using this website and services you agree to the kind of transfer.

We will not pass your details to any unauthorised person. Our authorised persons will have access to your personal data. Our staffs are obliged to maintain and respect our client’s confidentiality.

Our clients have full freedom to remove their details. However, to maintain an effective client relationship we may hold our previous client’s details. We may also hold client details because our client wants to receive our business and services details. You can contact us to make any change of your personal details and the material you want to receive. Or even cease receiving it.

You can request in writing to to find out what personal details is held by us. We will inform you in writing.

We may ask you to confirm to get correct information. And you may update you details to get the services and materials you want.

Privacy policy and Cookies policy:

We have privacy policy and cookies policy for your protection and use of your data. Please read our policies to know how we use any of your personal data any personal information about you that received.

Please read our cookies policies to find out more about how the cookies are used and collected by this website and how you can control them.

Our Services:

This website will have full details of the all available services.
We are not obliged to offer previously offer services and on the previous terms. However, previously agreed services will not be affected.
We have full liberty to add or remove services without any notice.
We comply with the required money laundering regulations.

Request for service:

You can place an order or request for service by phone. We will do necessary check to carry out the order. It out discretion to accept or reject the order.

By placing an order you confirm that you have necessary authority to place the order, you have obtained for all legal owner, beneficial owners, occupier and from all parties who might have necessary interest/right in the property.

We have right to check identity, do necessary checks to comply with the regulations, update our record and ask you to provide details.

Property related services:

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC):  It is a legal requirement to have an EPC to advertise or market the property. You must provide one within 5 working days of instruction.

Property information and details:

You have full responsibility to provide true, accurate and full details of the property. You agree not to provide misleading information. You agree to provide us any change of details, property ownership, interested parties or any other changes that might affect the property. You will be responsible for misleading, fraudulent information and will have to pay cost + interest incurred in the process.

Marketing and advertisements:

You will be given full details of the type of marketing we will provide. This depends on the type of price plan and additional paid services you have requested.

Third party access:

You give consent and authorise the third parties to access your property for related services like EPC, 2D/3D Plan, professional photography and other related services. We or the profession body may contact with you before visiting the property.


You give permission and authorise our brickshade agent / buyers to conduct viewing of the property. You will be notified and appointment will be made if necessary.


Our fees:
We will provide you full details of our fees before we charge you. You pay no VAT with the agreed fees.

Third party fees:

You will be given full details of the third party fees. It is your liberty to accept their fees. Third parties may charge VATs.

Referral fees:

We offer third party services. These include conveyancing, professional photographs, 2D/3D floor plan, EPC, home improvement services and many more.

We may receive various amounts as referral fees from these third parties. We will inform you and give you full details of the amount of any referral fee we receive from those third parties.

The third parties will abide by their professional governing bodies to pay us the referral fees and they will not compromise your interest or charge you more for their services just because they make a referral fee to us. Based on their governing regulations they must / they may / they may not inform you. This is subject to the regulation of each governing body. You have full liberty to confirm the details with the third parties.

Conveyancing referral fee:

We may receive up to a maximum amount of three hundred and fifty pounds (£350.00) (pay no VAT) (per property and per services) for referring you to use their services from the solicitors and/or Conveyancers.


Our payments:
We do not take online payment. Once we agreed with the services and cost we will send you an invoice and you will make the necessary payment to the given bank account.

Third party payment:

We will give full details of the third party payment. We may pay us to make the payment to them or you pay them directly. We will agreed before.


Our refund policy:

We have a fair refund policy. If we have received money and executed our party of the obligations then it is our discretion to offer or refuse any refund.

If, however, no work has been done then full refund will be given.

If payment has be collected but service has been received or requested from third parties then refund will depend on the third party refund policy and release of the fund from the third parties.

Third party refund:

Different third parties have different refund policies. If you have full liberty to discuss their refund policy. We do not take any responsibility in this regard.

Feedbacks and Complaints: welcomes your suggestions and feedbacks. We value your comments about our services. Please email us your valued feedback and suggestions to or write to us 28 Vicarage Lane. London, E15 4ES.

In the event of any complain please contact with us and we will update you within 5 working days. Please contact or write to us Galaxy Support and solution Ltd, Complains department, 28 Vicarage Lane. London, E15 4ES.

We are also a member of the Property Ombudsman Scheme. If, however you are not happy with our outcome you can complain to them directly. Please conat with us for their details.