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Fees to: Tenants

Pre-rent activities:

Fees to check references £100 ( Pay no VAT)

This includes: 

Checking Tenants’ (identity, immigration status / collecting visa documents, financial credit checks, references from current or previous employers / landlords and other relevant checks)

Other Permitted Occupier' check list Fee £0 (Pay no VAT)

Permitted occupier’ rights:

Explaining of their rights and responsibilities to the occupiers and landlord. Arranging Legal Assistance if required.

Necessary Check-in arrangement Fee £0 (Pay no VAT)

This includes:

    • Taking and recording utility reading, key hand over;
    • Explaining appliance functions and operation;
    • Preparing inventory and schedule;
    • Further necessary arrangement to assist check in.

Preparing and drafting of the tenancy agreement fee £400 (Pay no VAT)

This includes: 

Negotiation of terms and condition, making amendments, finalising the contract,  

Deed of Guarantee and additional security Fee £100 (Pay no VAT)

This includes: (Per guarantor)

    • preparing a Deed of Guarantee;
    • Additional Security Deposit for Pet damage (protected under the Government-authorised scheme)


Tenancy agreement Amendment Fee £150 (pay no VAT)

This includes :

amendment of the terms and condition of the tenancy agreement.

Agreement Renewal Fee (tenant’s share) £150 (Pay no VAT)

This includes:

Contract negotiation, updating terms and arranging a new tenancy and amendment of agreement.


Check out Fee £50 (pay no VAT)

this includes:

    • inventory cross check:
    • attending the property;
    • key collection;
    • repayment of security deposit and negotiation in that regard.

Reference letter Fee £25 (pay no VAT)

This includes:

Reference letter for future landlords or agents.


support for various reasons (approved with agent ) fee item cost + £25 (pay no VAT)

This includes:

Necessary services to solve the particular purpose and includes travel costs.

Out of office Hours Services

This includes:

The cost is variable. Please contact with us if needed. 

Unpaid Rent collection fee £30 (pay no Vat)

This includes:

unpaid rent collection and/or  demand letter writing.

Arrangement of Professional Cleaning fee £25 (pay no VAT) + cost of cleaning

This includes:

arrangement of Professional Cleaning (if required). This will be deducted from the Security Deposit or you pay. 

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