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Fees: Landlords

Details of the services we offer:

Full management: £100 per month (pay no VAT)


☑ Rent collection and transfer to the landlord 

☑ contact with the tenant in case of rent arrears;

☑ Deduct all associated costs;

☑ advise or help change the utility providers;

☑ Inspection of the property and report preparation;

☑ Full support for necessary repairs; obtaining approval from the landlord;

☑ storing keys of the property;

☑ Arrange professional help for landlord regarding HMRC deduction and providing NRL8 (if requested)

Rent management: £100 per month (pay no VAT)


☑ Rent collection and transfer to the landlord;

☑ Deduct all associated costs

☑ Contact with the tenant in case of rent arrears; 

☑ Make other requested arrangement (cost may apply) and provide NRL8 (if requested)

Tenant management: £100 per month (pay no VAT)


☑ Rent collection and transfer to landlord;    

☑ Help collecting tenants

☑ provide other services at agreed cost

☑  Deduct all associated cost


Attending Court with Solicitor.

    • Register landlord and tenant details and protect the security deposit with a Government-authorised Scheme
    • Provide the tenant(s) with the Deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information within 30 days of start of tenancy
    • letting consents; Rent valuation and tenant search; (agreed by the landlord)
    • Refurbishment advise if necessary
    • help or Provide guidance on compliance with statutory provisions and terms of agreement;
    • Viewings arrangement (subject to prior agreement and appointment)
    • Marketing
    • Set up board outside property in accordance with Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (Subject to agreement of the landlord);
    • Arrangement of advise on non-resident tax status and HMRC (if requested)
    • any additional property visit if needed for various reasons.
    • To remit and balance the financial return to HMRC quarterly – and respond to any specific query relating to the return from the landlord or HMRC
    • Advising the landlord about the current market rent,
    • Negotiation with the tenant/s,
    • Preparing updated tenancy agreement and informing the landlord;
    • Necessary notice service (Serve Section 13 Notice if tenancy is on a rolling monthly basis)
    • Updating tenancy agreement.
    • Arrange appointment with tenant for check out;
    • Instruct inventory provider to attend (if applicable)/cross check inventory;
    • Conduct Negotiation with both parties (landlord and tenant) about any disbursement/deduction of the security deposit; cost of any broken or missing items;
    • Return deposit to relevant parties (subject to agreement with landlord and tenant)
    • Arrangement of repair of the property. 

Please contact with us for other associated services and cost.

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