How We Make Money

No fee no commission explained

How will we make money even if we offer no fee no commission to sell your property?

Answer: if you instruct us to act for you we will do everything to put your property up for sale. We will not charge any fee or commission from you.

I believe you are fully aware that at a certain point you have to instruct a solicitor to act for you to complete the matter.

To get this offer you have to instruct one of our independent panel Solicitors to do your conveyancing.

As an introducer, we will receive a referral fee from £150.00 to £300.00 from the solicitor. This will be our income.

Will the Solicitors charge you extra or higher fee for this agreement with us?

No, We have agreed with the solicitors that they will not charge you an unfair or a higher fee for this agreement. Our agreement will not breach any of your rights. You will get a quote from the solicitor. The freedom is yours to decide.

Will this agreement between us and the solicitor affect you?

No, The Solicitors and Conveyancers are authorized and regulated by their authorizing body i.e. Solicitors Regulation Authority and/or other. They are fully independent and are not influenced by us at all. They always work for your best interest. Our offer does not affect their best ability to work for you and to protect your interest.

If, however, you do not want to use any of our solicitors, we have a fixed fee plan of £750.00 (pay no VAT)to sell your property.

Let me give you an example:

Mr A wants to sell his house for £500,000. He went to his local estate agent. They will charge him 1% commission of the sale price. Which is £5000. Mr A has to instruct a Solicitors as well, after securing an offer from a buyer to complete the matter. The Solicitors will also charge him £1000. So, at the end of the sale Mr A will pay £5000+£1000= £6000. He will take home £500,000 – £6000 = £494,000.

If he takes our no fee no commission offer he will save his 1% commission. He will instruct one of our panel Solicitors who are fully independent of us. They will charge him £1000. At the end of the sale Mr A will take home £500,000 – £1000= £499,000. £5000 more than the local estate agent option.

Now, if you are Mr A, which plan would you take ?

We believe this will clear the matter.