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OUR HOME IMPROVEMENT IDEAS will maximise your home space, make way for more sun light and improve the exterior of your home. Our range of improvement services will make your home more presentable.

Brickshade.co.uk’s home Improvement associates will help you make the changes for better look. Maximising you home space requires expert knowledge and expertise. We can help you to improve your property in various ways. this includes converting your loft, make or change garage space, new garden for summer and many more.

Our associate team of expert designers and experienced installers are ready to give you proper guidance and help to get the property you want. Please contact with us to get advice, quotation and consult with them to get the right design for your dream property.

Planning Permission

front of the house is the main attraction for the house. Improve the front of the house for outstanding presentation of the property. Discuss with our experts to get various ideas.


Enjoy the out side space in style. Balance the ‘heat and shadow’ at your comfort. Our expert associates with help you build and decorate the garden. All you have to do — ‘put you feet up and relax’.


Our refurbishment expert will do their best to help you decide the best refurbishment options available for your property. Remember, it your property, your dream. so your decision is final.


External protection of the property protects the interior of the property.  Our experts can help you to take necessary steps to the outside of the property including the wall, roof and many more.


Use every inch of the your property. Do not get stuck in the corners. Use  them by extending them to the highest. Make more space for the extra people. Convert the same room into a much more comfortable room with our help.


Loft conversion will make space within your current property. Extra room within the property will bring more comfort and ease. use every inch of the space you have. Contact with us for expert use.

List of Services

Our clients can get various services. Our associates can help from new build to extension for your property. Most used services are:

    • Loft Conservatories, Windows, walls and Doors;

    • Double glazing PVCU and Aluminium;

    • Greenhouse and conservatory

    • Porches and shelters;

    • Tiling, Guttering, Soffits and Fascia Boards and many more;

    • Bathrooms / Shower Rooms

    • New Kitchens/Old Kitchen (installation, extension, renovation and replacement)

    • Building new houses, build or renovate bungalows and garages;

    • Structural building work;

    • Property Extensions;

    • Plastering, Rendering and Colouring;

    • Structural Repairs;

    • Garden wall / Garden floor;

    • Ceilings and Roofs;

    • Driveways and Patios;

    • Block Paving;

    • Brickwork / Bricklaying;

    • Converting property and basements;



How it Works

Contact with Us

Please fill in the Contact with us form. We will get our expert team contact with you ASAP. They will help from the start to the end.

Share With Us About Your Dream Property

Our expert associates will offer advice about necessary work and design. they will talk you through about home visit, costing and designs. Please feel free to ask any questions. Above all these are all free and you have no obligation at all.

Free Quotation

Our associates will give you quotations according to your need and budget. You have absolute liberty to add and remove services. Finally its your dream home. Remember, you decide – we act.

Lets Get Started

Yes. lets get started. Our team will update you about your work. Feel free to contact with us to get updates as well.  We are at your service.

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